Lounavoima Oy was founded on 4 December 2017 for the purpose of building and operating a Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plant

WtE plant converts unrecyclable municipal solid waste into local energy

The state-of-the-art grate technology meets the stringent emissions requirements of the future.

Lounavoima is owned by Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy and Salon Kaukolämpö Oy



Landfill gas successfully refined into traffic fuel in Salo, Finland

The aim of the project is to begin converting carbon dioxide produced by the Waste-to-Energy plant into traffic fuel.


Turning climate emissions into fuel in Salo, Finland

One important target is to convert carbon dioxide produced by the Waste-to-Energy plant into traffic fuel


Look to the construction site of the waste-to-energy plant via construction camera

The construction work of the Korvenmäki waste-to-energy plant is on schedule

Progress on the Waste-to-Energy plant project in Korvenmäki

Environmental permit May 2018


Primary plant equipment agreements


Construction begins


The first waste load will be incinerated


Plant reception


Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plant - Facts and Figures

A maximum of 120,000 tonnes of waste will be incinerated each year

The plant heat input is 44 MW

The plant will generate 180–190 GWh of district heat and approximately 72 GWh of electricity each year

The WtE plant will be operational in 2021